Friday, 9 May 2014

something actually finished

Finally, some finished and blocked objects to show.  However,  first a word from our sponsor of warning.

When weaving in ends of  wool, be careful not to let any scraps fall on the  floor.  They play havoc, big time, with the roller brush on the vacuum cleaner.  Just saying.

So what is done  and blocked?

First up are gloves for my grandson.  He lost the pair from last year and asked for more.  He has since found them, out of place after a move, but I have made this pair from leftover yarn and made them with a long cuff to do next year.  That is, if these don't get lost too.  They are from Quince and Co Owl.

They look peculiar with the extra long cuff, but he likes them and they fit quite well.  Hopefully they will still fit his hand next year and the extra length will be fine on his wrist.

I have possibly enough left over to make still another striped pair but think I will put it away till next year.  The Quince and Co Owl worsted is very cosy and knits up well.

More Quince and Co Owl in this hat.  This time it is a new release, Owl Tweet.  Worsted weight again, but with a tweedy nubbly finish.  Colour is sooty and again it is from the  Australian distributor Suzyhausfrau  It is very pleasant to knit.  This is for the birthday next month of one daughter in law.  I usually knit something but this time she asked  me to knit a cowl and a hat and provided the yarn.  Hat was quick, and I have started the cowl which is very basic but just the sort of thing she likes.  I think I started it after lunch one day and it was finished after lunch the next.  No, I did other things than knit as well.

My final finished object is the Mairi shawl.  Link in post below this one from Ravelry and it as a free download.  The border is knit first, then filled in at the corner with short rows in the pattern and then the second half of border is done.  Stitches are picked up along the border and  the shawl is then knit with four decreases every second row.  My sister is not a shawl person whereas I am.  However, I think it might be for her  birthday in a few months.  She often complains of being cold across the shoulders when watching TV at night.  This is light and warm and should be cosy.

Now I must  away and make sure the place is suitable for two young granddaughters.  Miss M is doing  well and the doctors are happy with her progress.  This has been the week for chemo.  She went in last Sunday and normally would be out on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.  She is still there as she is not allowed home while there is any trace of the chemo in her body.  I am assuming she will be here with her sister for the weekend.  She will hopefully be able to attend school at least some of next week.


2paw said...

Yes, I concur, I have had the same wool in the cleaner head problem. Nice gloves for the grandson, I like the stripes!!! Nice hat, pretty pattern and wow, very quick!
I am not a shawl person either, but I can see how it would be perfect for evening TV watching, I am sure your sister will love it.
So glad Miss M is doing well. I hope it continues to be so.

Lynne said...

Love the shawl, great colour and pattern. Did your sister end up with it?