Friday, 12 February 2016

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The countdown is on.  Just a few more weeks.   This is a very poor photo.  The sky was grey and the actual invitation is silver, almost verging on grey.  What started out to be something small now has around a hundred guests invited.  The ceremony will be performed by a friend of my son from Victoria at a small local church here and there will be a light luncheon afterwards at old Government House in Parramatta.  Nothing fancy about the cars,  French, both my son's and that of a friend.  His daughters and her daughter are junior bridesmaids and looking forward to being all dressed up. Two of her friends will also be bridesmaids. His best man is flying in from Perth.

Apparently I will be collected and taken to the wedding by my eldest grandchild.  He passed his driving test first go a few days ago and was absolutely thrilled.  He did it independently and arranged the whole thing himself, getting his dad to take him driving in the  morning before the test.  I drove behind him at Christmas and was impressed by his driving which was very steady and sensible without being stupidly slow either.  His mother knew nothing about it till he returned that afternoon from school.  Other friends will bring me home.

These yarns are from Craftsy.  They took quite a while to arrive, although their tracking system showed where they were quite well.  More than can be said for the tracking from Australia Post which is very hit and miss.  The colours are coffee and cream, strawberry fields (2) and lagoon.  They go with patterns and videos by Lucy Neatby.  Two of the patterns are here, the third will be published at the start of March.  As my yarn arrived only a couple of days ago, I am behind with  them. That's fine.

The coffee and cream is for a pattern called smocked guernsey socks.   

I am finding it slow.  I like the colours, but this yarn is very splitty and I have to be very careful to use it without splitting it.   Because the smocking pulls in the fabric, more stitches than I normally use are cast on.   Half the cuff was done on 85 stitches, reduced partway through the cuff to 68.  

As I have done next to no knitting recently and have had a flare of arthritis, I am taking it esy on the knitting.  The fingers on my right hand will not straighten out but are curved and the little finger is often painful. So easy does it.   I m not yet into the main part of the pattern.  Several rows in this repeat have half the stitches double wrapped, a slow procedure doing it as she suggests.  Then the next row needs care.  The wrapped stitches sit closely together and I have to watch not to split the yarn as I separate them. I hope the other colours do not split so readily.They seem to be plied more tightly, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I am beginning to feel a bit better, my family has been very concerned about my mobility. Yesterday I managed a whole day with just the walking stick and not the frame.  Part of the problem has been psychological as well as physical.  I have been doubtful for months about the stability of walking.  Will each step work?  I seem to have moved past this now and can get moving more quickly.  I have been sitting thinking about standing, the when standing, thinking about the step.  Left or right foot?  Not good.

I found some guided meditations from a site called Headspace.  They are free for about three weeks and then a charge is made, although the free ones can be repeated.  Each lasts ten minutes.  I have always been a bit uneasy about such stuff.  In almost three weeks, I have found nothing to make me uneasy.  No silly ideas etc.  I am beginning to feel the effect from these.  At least, I am putting my improved mental state down to it.  Yesterday I realised at the end of the day that I was still breathing calmly and this was making me feel better. More oxygen if nothing else.  I used only the walking stick for support, not the walker and overall felt more confident.  I have always been confident and known what I wanted and how to live.  Definitely introverted as is another son, but usually able to cope if I have time away from people.  I really think there has been some depression there and I feel clearer now as If merging from under a cloud.  Yes, I did speak to the doctor about it and he thought time etc would help as it was not severe.  However, I am am very grateful that this unpleasant episode may be finally lifting.

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