Sunday, 8 October 2017

some people

Such an enormous car!  It needs two spaces.  Just look.  It is parked across the disabled space in front of McDs.   I saw this from my balcony so took a photo.  Bad enough to be across two spots but to park over the disabled spot which gets a lot of use from rightful users is just unacceptable.McDs often has buses from homes around the place as they bring people for icecreams and just a breath of fresh air.  Somewhere different to be without four walls surrounding them.

As you can see, I am in a snarky mood.  Several family problems all impacting my moods and I am not sure what will happen with some of them.  Children are still my children, even when they are adults with their own families..

I am still knitting my ten stitch rug.  I will finish the current ball I started yesterday and then reconsider my next move.  I had considered blocking the rug and then perhaps doing an edge in  crochet .  Today I sat outside in the sun knitting.  When I stood up, my black dress was covered in hairs and fluff from the rug.  I must remember not to wear it when knitting that.
The Convent and Chapel Wool shop in Rylstone in the Mudgee district in the Central West  of the state has some beautiful yarns.  Absolutely beautiful.  It is in an old shop at Rylstone and Margot and  Gemma are very pleasant and helpful  I have bought from them before.  Yesterday when I was fed up with plodding along on the rug, I had a look. Look at this beautiful sock yarn.  I have been checking it out for several days since they put it up.  I bought five  skeins.  Socks for me and probably some cowls as Christmas presents.  I am told it is beautiful to work with and that the colours shown in the drop down menus are as beautiful in real life as they appear on my scree.  I bought Padraig, a lovely, vibrant green, two skeins of hydrangea and two others.  Nothing like new yarn to cheer a person up.   Bought late yesterday and they are on their way.

Rylstone and surrounding districts up into the Hunter Valley have much family history for me.  I feel at home in the area and read my family history compilation and can see those places in my mind.  My grandmother was the eldest of seven or eight children and her husband the middle of fifteen.  Lots of history.  Margot from the shop bought the old Spanish Mission in Kandos a nearby township.  the mission was neglected for years but she is doing the garden and the building as well as running the shop.

If you check out my link, you will find a link to her blog and also links to other beautiful yarns. All drool worthy.

Lunch time, so will sign out.

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2paw said...

Grrr, and if I am ever brave enough to speak to the selfish parkers, they say they are only going to be there for a minutes. Well someone who needs the parking space might be there in that minute and miss out.

Well done on your blanket, great perseverance. Oh the green wool is so pretty, a gorgeous green. Fancy the shop being in the film? How amazing.

My mum says the older your children get, the more of a worry they can be. I hope you have a happier less worrisome week!