Sunday, 17 December 2017

a rude awakening

I woke this morning at 6:30 and sat up in bed swinging my legs around to touch the floor. As I lowered my feet to the floor, there was an almighty bang, pretty well simultaneous with a tiny flash I saw out of the corner of my eye.  I thought there had been an explosion or perhaps a gunshot.  Even without hearing aids in, the noise hurt my ears.  I had been thinking of going back to bed to sleep some more but after the noise, I knew that wouldn't happen. My feet were on the floor and I could feel the vibrations through the building from the noise.

It was thunder, but I really did think of gunshot or explosion at first.  I got up and stumbled down the hall to the bathroom.  Flicked the light and to my relief it came on.  In the kitchen I turned  coffee machine on and was relieved to see it too was still working. I make two cups of coffee in the morning and for the rest of the day I drink mainly water.   so I really appreciate them.  I don't know what the lightning hit but it was close, very close.  I thought perhaps one of the lightning conductors on the roof, then thought of the Vodafone tower nearby which is higher again.  Whatever, the vibrations through the floor were something I have not felt here before. Some rain came after the thunder but not much really, enough to say it was raining.

It has been hot here but reasonable today.  The next three days are forecast to be well into 30s.  Not happy.  I have made leftovers so I do not need to cook in the heat. I have been enjoying the superb quality of fruit and vegetables from my new supplier.  The service is very good and helpful and the produce is also excellent.  The family has been in the business for years and has a reputation for quality.

There were extras in the order.  Twenty beautiful passion fruit, some home cooked choc chip biscuits and  a couple of other things.  The picture shows my take on an old recipe of Mum's.  An innovative cook, especially at the time, her food was lovely.  This dish was made with sultana grapes.  I had very firm and fresh black seedless grapes.  I had thawed a large pack of nine chicken thighs and decided I would do her dish.  I checked recipe with my sister and made it.  The thighs were well browned on both sides in oils.  Some onion and some garlic went in too and a slight sprinkle of salt.  I sprinkled some arrowroot powder over and stirred it into dish.  I use that as it is gluten free for three family members.  It is easier to stick t the arrowroot then I can't use the wrong thing.  What look like olives are Midnight Beauty seedless black grapes.   White wine is added and my sister told me too late that there should be chicken stock powder too.  I have no idea what wine mum would have used, but I used pinot noir.  Almost covered the chicken, turned the gas down and covered dish.  Cook till thighs were ready.  I was really happy how they turned out.  Sometimes memories can be deceptive.  I served one meal with salad and have kept the rest for other meals.  There are two or perhaps three meals left, again with salad.

This cowl is a Christmas present.  The colour is Delphinium and the yarn is sock weight from Three Irish Girls bought at the Convent and Chapel woolshop in Rylstone.  Another example of extra good service which is important to me. This is for a family member and the colour is just right for her.  I also knitted in a strand of creamy alpaca of a similar weight so that I could knit it more quickly.

I finished it this morning but it needs blocking, something to do tomorrow.

I was at a loss as to what to do now.  I have more Irish Girls yarn to use  but that is for me.  I pulled out a partly done sock from some yarn from Craftsy.  I bought yarn and patterns together but hated the pattern meant for this yarn.  It was slow  to do and not really very noticeable , so I had frogged it and knitted to just after the heel.  It is quite different knitting and I am coming down the foot. The needles feel tiny after the cowl.

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2paw said...

Well that sounds very frightening and I am relieved to hear the power was not affected. I always do the counting thing with thunder and lightning. We have a lot of electrical storms. Hot weather forecast here too, it just two days hopefully.
That is a very innovative dish, the most exotic food my mum cooked was spaghetti bolognaise!! I don’t really use grapes in savoury dishes but I have noticed they are becoming more popular.